Queen of Hearts every Thursday – current jackpot is $23,000!

The Queen of Hearts Progressive Raffle

Will you find her?

Current jackpot amount = $23,000. The winner receives 60%, BYS receives 40%.

Drawing is every Thursday at 8pm at

Cindy’s Pub (5230 W. 159th St, Oak Forest)


  • Tickets are 6 tickets for $5.00 and can be bought at Bremen Youth Services during business hours or at Cindy’s Pub.
  • Game board consists of a deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers, which are numbered and turned facing down on the board.
  • Each ticket will have the player’s name, phone number and the number of the card they wish to select.
  • After each weekly drawing, all tickets are discarded and sales begin for the next week’s game.
  • In addition to the Queen of Hearts, additional winning payouts include:
    • Any other Queens or Aces = $100
    • Jokers = $250
  • For additional information, contact BYS at 708-687-9200.
updated 9/28/2018